Vacay Sewing

Pre-Vacay Sewing

Early September Mr DH and I went on a whirlwind vacation to Spain and Portugal. Waffle went on his own vacation to his favorite kennel. I’m not being facetious, the hound loves this place. He also loves the vet and dogs that are try to kill him, so he’s just a lover boy.

Park Guell

A few days before our vacation I decided to sew new clothes. Yes, I can hear your wincing. I managed to cut out 5 tops and 1 pair of shorts. I only sewed up a slimmer version of circus tent tank top seen in the picture below. Talk about a gap in sewing dreams and sewing realities.

Simplicity 1107

Post-Vacay Sewing

When we came back I had a really difficult time getting back to local time. I was falling asleep very early in the evening and waking up at 4 am. Needless to say there isn’t much I could do at 4 am but sew, not that I’m complaining. I sewed up the other 4 tops which were all Kirsten Kimono Tees.  I picked this pattern because there are only 2 pattern pieces, 4 seams and my best chance of getting it completed before we left. The black background fabrics were border prints that I had bought to make maxi skirts/dresses. I don’t like wearing black tops but these are growing on me.

More Kirsten Kimono tees

Unfortunately in my pre-vacay rush two were cut with the stretch going up and down. The tops are a bit snug but they do fit.

Chevron Top and Blue Shorts

This top also had another snafu. I cut 2 front pieces and I didn’t have enough extra to match the chevron print to recut the back. I had to use a different part of the border print so the hem had a bit of extra “design” element.

Chevron Top and Blue Shorts Back

In the pictures are the shorts that I didn’t sew up pre-vacay. It’s made in a beautiful blue pont de roma knit. I had this fabric for a long time and I’ve forgotten how wonderful it sews up. The pattern is a modification of the Jalie jeans. The shorts fits really well. I swear the camera doesn’t add 10 lbs, it adds 10 fit wrinkles.

Happy sewing,

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8 Responses to Vacay Sewing

  1. Betsy says:

    Oh lucky Waffle that he loves the kennel. My dog is terrified after a bad experience so now we have to plan trips that include him. Your t-shirts are really cute. Such a basic shape that you can never have enough of. Trip sounds amazing!

  2. Mads says:

    Oh DH, I can always rely on you to make me LOL–love the fit wrinkles joke!! (And Waffle sounds like no basset I’ve ever met–glad he enjoyed his “retreat!”) I am loving these t-shirts; the border print ones are especially neat, and look so unique and fashionable. I do love those chevrons though–so precise! I have that pattern…why haven’t I made it yet?!?!?

    • It seems like sewists are in 2 camps: I sewed up 80 of these or I have this pattern and have spent more time wondering why I haven’t sewn it then it would have taken to actually sew it. You seem to fit into the latter. Don’t worry you have plenty of company.

  3. accordion3 says:

    Loving the “adds 10 fit wrinkles” comment too. I like your shorts and tops, so cheerful!

  4. Kyle says:

    Bwah ha ha “the camera add 10 fit wrinkles”. Yes! that is totally true!! The Kimono tops look great! LOVE love love how you used the border prints for them. I downloaded it and printed that pattern ages ago but still haven’t sewn it up yet.

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