Two Zip Hipster

Finished Two Zip Hipster

In Search of The Perfect Purse

Many decades ago my brother gave me a black cross body bag. It became my favorite everyday purse. I used it to death. Even with the raggedy, thread bare, (w)holiness I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it and yet never made the effort to draft a copy of it. In desperation I bought a similar bag last year in purple. The material was plasticy and the straps were weirdly twisted. Then I remember a purse pattern suggestion from Accordion for Dog Under My Desk. Turns out the Two Zip Hipster was the perfect starting point for creating my perfect purse.

Crossbody Purses


One of the changes that I made was increasing the depth of the purse by 1″. Sounded simple since all of the pattern pieces were rectangles but the increases need to be changed on a gazillion pattern pieces. A gazillion as in nearly every pattern piece. Oy! I added a zipper pocket in the inside.

Inside pockets

I had 2 blue plaid zippers I had bought from Daiso that were perfect. The light blue and red matched the main purse fabric nicely. I had matching cord stops but I decided against the gathered pocket in the front because the print would have looked too skewed. Maybe for my next version.


I also put belting inside the straps for extra stability. I later regretted the extra bulk this added. But 3 needles later I’m happy with the results. The last change was that I added a second rectangle ring for the strap. This allowed me to sew the purse without having the long strap get in the way. I was able to add the long strap at the last step in the construction.


Geeky Sewist Fabric

I love this fabric. It’s a home dec fabric that I bought at M&L Fabrics at a pricey $20/yard. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it so I bought 2 yards. Good thing because that made the extra long straps and print matching much easier. The fabric has pin cushions, scissors, pattern pieces, sewing machines, ruler and rotary cutters all over it. Check out this print matching.

Print Matching

I used a red lining fabric for the lining to match the red zipper and red topstitching. Purse InsideI haven’t had a chance to try out the bag but I’m very excited that I finally have a replacement for the worn down black bag.

2 Zip Hipster


Happy sewing,

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6 Responses to Two Zip Hipster

  1. Vicki Giger says:

    Are you sharing the pattern?

  2. Kyle says:

    You’re back! Cute bag!!!

  3. Accordion says:

    I’m glad you are back too. And glad the bag worked out, your pattern matching is superb! It looks like a good size bag, I can see it getting much use.

  4. Lodi says:

    Lovely bag…and I’m very relieved to see this post! I was wondering if you were OK. I guess no news was good news!

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