McCall’s 6083 Jumpsuit

My First Jumpsuit

Look at me! I’m on-trend. Jumpsuits are still on trend, right? Hopefully I didn’t miss it like whenever jumpsuits were in last. I really like the simplicity of getting dressed without having to match a top with a bottom. This is also why I love dresses. The jumpsuit is just more practical with the pants/shorts bottom. Though the bathroom situation is a little trickier.

McCalls 6083 Front


I made view A with an added sash. I vaguely remember all the tweaks I’ve made to the pattern. I do recall taking 4″ out of the waist.  The blousey, shirt tucked in look is really not great. On the pattern cover, the models in view A (left) and view E (middle top) look like they have super saggy side boobs.

Source: McCall's

Source: McCall’s

I also removed 1.5-2″ from length of the tube top. Instead of the skimpy, encased elastic across the top of the tube, I used a 1.5″ elastic and folded under.


I sewed the sash to the side seams and trimmed one of the ties shorter because I like to tie it sorta to the front instead of at the side.

  The Bra Situation

So the issue with the halter tie is the bra situation. Of course my friend Sandra came up with the most genius idea EVER. She suggested making a bra strap with the fashion fabric!! So I took a RTW bra that has a convertible bra strap and replaced the strap. Self Fabric Halter BraI made the strap a bit too thick but I think it’s passable.

McCalls 6083 Straps

The Back View

Not the most attractive picture of the back but I felt like I had include a back view.

McCalls 6083 Back

Link to my Pattern Review.

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Self Drafted Tank and Jalie Jean Take Two

April Fool’s

As many of you have figured out by now my April 1st post about launching a pattern line of stacking ring dress, macaron hat and lobster bib was a joke. For anyone who missed the post or want to have another laugh I highly advise you go read it now. I’ll be here waiting…


Self Drafted Tank

Welcome back. I have a few things to share. The first is this self drafted tank.

Self Draft Tank Front

I’ve been wanting to make some tank tops for the summer.  I love my Kirstin Kimono tees but I don’t like the tan lines. I was going to make more of the So, Zo tanks but the thin strap leaves my bra straps showing, so this tank is perfect. I also love the interesting arc shaped seam line that lets me play with stripes.

Self Draft Tank Side

I do love stripes. I’m hoping the horizontal stripe, bust gathers and empire-ish seam could do my small bust some good. So far I’ve made 3 of these tops, they’re so quick to make if you’re a sloppy sewer like me.

Self Draft Tank Back



Jalie Jean Take Two

The second thing I wanted to share was another version of Jalie (pajama) Jeans. This version is in blue with an orange topstitch. I did a fancier “fly” front design.

Jalie Jean Part 2 Fly

And no more thigh pockets! I tried out a new pocket design that was a partial success. I like the design it’s just not center. Oops. If you missed the post on how I sew on the pocket design check it out here.

Jalie Jean Part 2 Pockets



Serger Clean Out

I cleaned out and oiled my serger for the first time in a decade. I’m not even sure if I’m suppose to oil the thing. Just like taking apart a sewing machine, make sure you take lots pics and lay out the components in the order that you take it apart.  Don’t ask me how I know, ask the extra screw. So I did eventually find where that screw was suppose to go. Phew!

Serger Clean Out



Waffle’s 7th Birthday

Lastly it was Waffle’s 7th birthday on April Fool’s. If I had to give up sewing or the dog, I give up sewing. Love this little guy.

Waffle Turns 7

This is my favorite pictures of him of all time. He had such a bobble head. The pic has that soft glamour shoot look. Y’all remember those from the 80s?

4 Weeks

Happy Sewing,

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