McCall’s 6083 Jumpsuit

My First Jumpsuit

Look at me! I’m on-trend. Jumpsuits are still on trend, right? Hopefully I didn’t miss it like whenever jumpsuits were in last. I really like the simplicity of getting dressed without having to match a top with a bottom. This is also why I love dresses. The jumpsuit is just more practical with the pants/shorts bottom. Though the bathroom situation is a little trickier.

McCalls 6083 Front


I made view A with an added sash. I vaguely remember all the tweaks I’ve made to the pattern. I do recall taking 4″ out of the waist.  The blousey, shirt tucked in look is really not great. On the pattern cover, the models in view A (left) and view E (middle top) look like they have super saggy side boobs.

Source: McCall's

Source: McCall’s

I also removed 1.5-2″ from length of the tube top. Instead of the skimpy, encased elastic across the top of the tube, I used a 1.5″ elastic and folded under.


I sewed the sash to the side seams and trimmed one of the ties shorter because I like to tie it sorta to the front instead of at the side.

  The Bra Situation

So the issue with the halter tie is the bra situation. Of course my friend Sandra came up with the most genius idea EVER. She suggested making a bra strap with the fashion fabric!! So I took a RTW bra that has a convertible bra strap and replaced the strap. Self Fabric Halter BraI made the strap a bit too thick but I think it’s passable.

McCalls 6083 Straps

The Back View

Not the most attractive picture of the back but I felt like I had include a back view.

McCalls 6083 Back

Link to my Pattern Review.

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Janky June Update

It’s So Janky

Did you hear that June is janky sewing month? What you didn’t receive the memo? Well that just shows you how janky this plan was. My friend Caroline over at 4-sisters came up with the concept on the heals of what she calls her janky jeans. I might or might not have volunteered to make a badge for Janky June. I can’t remember if I had volunteered but I know it was not done.



So let’s start from the beginning.  What is Janky June? Janky June is a month long sewing challenge to sew as jankily as possible.  Crooked topstitching? Great. Unfinished seams? 4 gold stars. Puckered stitches? A+. You get the idea. Janky sewing is not only ok, it’s encouraged.



Submission #1: Manhattan Shorts

My first submission for Janky June are my Manhattan trousers turned shorts. Cutting off the legs of a trouser pattern is a janky way to make shorts. These will cup under your butt too much and will cut into your tights when you sit. I doubled down on these so-so shorts and made two. Notice the “fine” (as in good enough) quality of the these photos and my “fine” pressing skills?

Manhattan Shorts

The red pair I screwed up in so many ways I ran out of fabric and had to use a filmsy cotton fabric for the pockets. I have to lose about 15 lbs to fit into these because I didn’t account for the less stretchy fabric. I’m hoping the stuffed sausage look comes into style.

Manhattan Shorts Pocket



Submission #2: Circus Tent Top

Simplicity 1107 Front

I call this top my circus tent top. It’s Simplicity 1107. There is 7″ is total ease in this top for the XXS size and grows to 9.5″ of ease in the XXL.  The fabric recommendation calls for light weight wovens and knits. So if you’re using a knit, the ease is EVEN MORE. I made a XS but my measurements would put me in S. My first attempt at the top had about EIGHT INCHES too much ease. I believe that’s a record for me. In the spirit of Janky June I’m going to have to give Simplicity A+ for the ginormal ease. The extra + for a pattern piece that is not nested with the other sizes and is not labeled with any size at all. A++ Simplicity!! My half-ass solution was to cut off the godet-ish side pieces and attached the back piece to the front.

Simplicity 1107 Side

Too lazy to Photoshop the dog out.

That meant I removed the excess in the godets and removed 8 seam allowances. The back is not as swingy but it’s better than looking like a circus tent.

Simplicity 1107 Back

There’s that dog again. Still too lazy to Photoshop him out.

Lastly check out this fantastic coverstitching. I can’t even blame this on wine or a small earthquake. It was all me. 🙂

Simplicity 1107 Coverstitch

Janky July?

 Since June is nearly over. I vote for Janky July. So who wants to join me in janky sewing?

Jankily yours,

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Link to my Pattern Review.