Victory Patterns Lola

Victory Patterns Lola

While shopping at The Fabric Store with my IRL sewing friend Jill from Oh Crafty One,   I came across this lovely deep red Merino sweatshirt like fabric.  I really loved the fabric but wasn’t sure I wanted to make sweat pants from such a beautiful piece of fabric.  This is where my in-the-know sewing friend comes in to rescue me.  Jill recommended the Lola pattern from Victory Patterns and it was just perfect.


A match made in sewing heaven.

A match made in sewing heaven.

Given the pricey cost of the fabric, I bought 1.5 yards despite the fabric requirement of 2 yards.  Hey, I’m 5’ tall and cut in a single layer, how much fabric could I possibly need?!?  What a (happy) mistake this ended up being.  Without enough fabric I decided to make the sleeves in an oatmeal color fabric with a terry cloth-like wrong side.  And the extra from the oatmeal fabric would make a fantastic hood.

So the mystery begins…

How was I going to do this? First I measured the finished neck measurement.  I needed the bottom edge of the hood to be the same length.  I borrowed the hood pattern McCall’s 4261 which I had in my stash.  I measured the bottom of the hood and discovered that even the largest size wasn’t big enough because the pattern’s wide neck line.

measure hoodmeasure neckline

At this point my choice was either to

A)     Make the hood bigger or

B)      Make the neck line smaller by raising it

Raising the neckline was a lot more difficult than it seem in my head.  The center back tapers in too much and ruins the lines of the dress.  I opted for option B.  Making the hood bigger was very simple.  I simply added to the front and some extra for a drawcord.  Now adding to the front is not the correct way to do this but I didn’t care too much about how the hood would fit.  Though a little more height because of the lower neck line would have been nicer.  To complete the hood, I put in a red eyelet using a Dritz eyelet plier.  For the cord I used a braided trim from JoAnn’s  with a simple knot at the ends.  I also did a red contrast stitching on the oatmeal fabric and oatmeal topstitching on the triangle detail.

Victory Patterns Hood Close Up

I really love how it came out.  And the dress is super cozy and warm.  I didn’t think I would like the pockets since I’m pear-shaped and this would have added more width.  It turns out the pockets don’t stick out too much and they’re also pretty convenient for cold hands. More info on my Pattern Review

Victory Patterns Lola Hood

 Victory Pattern Hood Side

Happy sewing,

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