Kitchen Towel Apron


Cheap & Easy Holiday Gift Anyone?

I found this fun cooking measurement conversion kitchen towel at the Home Goods.  They had lots of kitchen towels with fun and witty sayings. I wished I had picked up more before all of them were cleared away for Christmas kitchen towels. I made 2 of these measurement conversion aprons, the towels came in a two pack. So one for me and one for a friend. If you caught that it’s upside down, that’s on purpose. It’s for the wearer to read. It’s come in pretty handy several times. My first apron was good but not I definitely learned from it before making the one for my friend. And it gave me an opportunity to document the process.



  • Large kitchen towel
  • 1 packet of Wright Bias Tape, Extra Wide, Double Fold. 1/2″ wide. 3 yd long.
  • Stitch in the ditch foot (optional)




Cut the “arm hole” in the kitchen towel.

  • I eyeballed the cut out. The top should we wide enough to fit your head through and the bottom of the armhole should be around the waist. Every towel will be a slightly different size so use your best judgement.
  • I folded the towel in half the long way to cut the other armhole.
  • My towel was terry cloth backed so it frayed if you looked at it. I serged the edge to control the mess but it’ll all be enclosed in the bias binding.


Pin on the bias binding:

  • I used the full length of the pre-made bias binding. It was 3 yards but you can alter the size to the wearer.
  • I folded the binding in half and marked it with a pin. I measured 9″ to each side and marked it. This is the portion that your head will go through. Check the fit that the wearer’s head will fit through. If you’re not sure you can do neck ties instead. The binding will need to be longer if you go this route.
  • Unfold the bias binding and pin the binding down both “arm holes”. The edge of narrower side of the binding needs to be lined up to the edge of the right side/public side of the towel.


Sew on the bias binding:

  • Sew in the valley of the fold closest to the edge.


  • Fold the bias binding to the back of the apron. See how in this picture the longer width of the binding is in the back.


  • Switch to a stitch in the ditch foot if you have one. It’s optional. I use the blade as a guide and set the needle slightly to the right of the blade.


  • Start sewing at the end of the tie that would be to your right if you were wearing the apron. Fold the edge in and then fold the binding in half to finish the end.


  • Start at the short end and sew towards the long edge.
  • Pivot at the corner and sew down the long edge. Sew with the blade to the fold of the binding to keep the stitching even.


  • When you get to the arm hole, lift up the feet, move your needle to the middle position and stitch in the ditch. The sewing line should disappear from the front. Since the fold is wider in the back the stitching should catch the binding.
  • Sew the neck, down the other arm hole and to the left ties. Finish the end of the ties like the other tie. Fold down the edge and fold in. Stitch to the end and pivot and continue stitching the short end.
  • Sew a reinforced stitch at the neck and waist area. I sewed a square with the x inside. Other options would be a bar tack.


  • That’s it. Simple huh? I’m hoping that since they’re kitchen towels they’ll hold up to stains and laundering but I haven’t needed to wash mine yet. I use it for drying off my hands.


Gift Ideas

The apron can be paired with a baking pan, measuring cup or other cookware for a hostess gifts. I saw some but Mr and Mrs kitchen towels that could be matching his and her aprons. This would go great in a basket with homemade jellies I’ve made.


Happy Holiday Sewing,

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