Cross Stitch Pincushion

basset hound cross stitch pin cushion finished

I Couldn’t Resist

Remember in my last post I was planning to let the kits I purchased in Japan to age in my stash? Well that did last long. I thought the bunny cross stitch pincushion would be easy and fun. As usual, I somehow I ended up making it more complicated.

First off bunnies are on my $hit list. We have a whole family of bunnies living in our yard. I’m talking aunts, uncles, grandmas, in-laws, in-laws of in-laws. Everyone has moved in. Those adorable bastards are killing our grass by eating the grass; roots and all. Neighbors have suggested we “get a dog”. Then they remember we have Waffle, in which they change their suggestion to “get a real dog.” I’ve seen impressive Waffle’s hunting skills in action. He’s very patience and moves in very, very slowly. But alas his short legs are too slow when he takes a run at them when he’s within striking distance. The bunnies don’t even stop eating until he gets pretty close then they dash off. How dare they mock him. So instead of brown and white bunnies I changed the pattern to a brown and white basset hound. Sewing karma must be shining on me.

basset hound cross stitch pattern WIP

This is the design in progress. The pincushion is simply 2 squares. I did the pattern design in Excel and color filled the cells. I ended up scraping the magnifying glass because it didn’t leave enough space for the basset tail. I did buttons for the bottom. Lastly there seemed to be too much white space in the middle so I added a pair of scissors. The tiny buttons included in the kit was perfect for the screw.

basset hound cross stitch close up

This is the finished top. Sewing the top and bottom together is so simple. You start at the corner of one and at the halfway point of the other and stitch around. Stitch until you have about 1″ opening. I left my thread attached. Stuff it with fill. I think the kit came with cotton for the filling. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything but polyfil. Then you stitch up the opening. This project was simple but time consuming as most other needle crafts are. This project could have been done in 15 minutes with fabric and a sewing machine instead of 15 hours.

basset hound cross stitch construction

I’m not sure how much it’ll be used as a pincushion since I have my emery one and strawberry wrist one. And do I really want to poke a basset with a pin? Maybe I should have left it as a bunny.

basset hound cross stitch pincushion all sides

Happy pincushion sewing,

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