Woodland Tree Stump Dog Bed

Stump Bed



The Bed that Lasted 2 Days

(I don’t mean in dog years)

Years ago, when Waffle was a puppy, I made him a bed. I found a wonderful waffle pattern fabric and tried to make it look like a waffle bowl, like what you get ice cream in.  Well… you know when you get a puppy, people always tell you not to get a nice bed because he/she may have an accident, chew it or basically do what puppies do. I did not heed this warning since I thought he was past this stage. Well… he wasn’t. 🙁 He had a field day with it, chewing through the cording that makes it a bolster bed and unstuffed it.  So 6 years later (sorry Waffle) I’m finally getting around to making him another one. He has numerous mama-made beds so don’t let the sad eyes fool you.

Waffle Bed

Fabric Inspiration

I haven’t had time to head to the garment district for fabric and didn’t have anything in my stash that was appropriate so I headed to JoAnn’s.  This was where I bought the waffle fabric the first time.  It’s was a quilt cotton.  So back I went looking for that same waffle pattern fabric or something similar with no luck.  Duh.  It was 6 years later.  I stumbled upon this wood grain “bark” fleece and thought it would fit nicely in our earth tone living room. I picked a tan flannel for the inside “wood” part.

Stump Fabric


Momentarily Stumped

LOL I couldn’t resist the wood pun.  I still have the dog bed pattern I used on the 2 day bed.  But I didn’t like that you can’t remove the cover for washing and de-fuzzing.  I make all his beds with a removeable cover that I can just toss in the wash.  So I noodled it around in my head and came up with this design that left an opening for the bolster sides and the bottom center for stuffing.  That section is closed with velcro and the cover is closed with a zipper.



Drafting the Pattern

Stuffing Inserts

  • Center stuffing cover – draft a circle 30″ in diameter.  Label with cut 2 in lining fabric.
  • Side stuffing cover: draft rectangle 10″ x 80″. Label with cut 2 in lining fabric.

Stump Cover

  • Center cover:  draft a 25″ circle in diameter.  Label with cut one in bark fabric, cut one in wood fabric.
  • Sides cover: draft rectangle 9″ x 76″. Label with cut one in bark fabric, cut one in wood fabric.




  • 2-1/8 yard of 59″ tree bark fleece fabric
  • 2-1/8 yard of 42″ wood colored flannel fabric
  • 2-1/4″ yards of 58″ wide lining fabric
  • 6″ of 1/2″ width sew-in velcro
  • 12″ invisible zipper
  • 2lb dog bed stuffing.  I use replacement bed fill from Dr Foster and Smith.  This stuff looks like the stuffing in my store bought pet beds except it doesn’t have cedar chips.  Not sure how/if it’s different than polyfil from the craft store.




I’ve really been struggling with taking good photos with the numerous down lights in my new-ish sewing space. So I’ll describe the steps as best as I can.  Also, all seam allowances are 1/2″.

Stump Cover – Wood (solid tan)

  • Sew the wood side piece along the short edge.  You should have a big loop.
  • Place the wood loop on the wood circle right sides together.  Sew wood sides onto center circle.  You should have something that looks like a big bowl.Wood Bowl

Stump Cover – Bark (wood grain)

  • Sew the bark side piece along the short edge.  You should have a big loop.
  • Sew invisible zipper with one edge of the zipper tape on the bark circle, other half of the zipper tape on the bark side.  Make sure right sides are together.  Doesn’t matter where the zipper goes but avoid the seam on the sides if you have bulky fabric.


  • Zip up the zipper and sew the rest of the way around.  Again you should have something that looks like a big bowl.

Sew stump wood and bark together

  • Nest the wood “bowl” into the bark “bowl” with right sides together.  Open the zipper.
  • Sew along the top edge aka “rim” of the bowl.

Sew Rim

  • Turn the cover right side out through the zipper opening.


  • Sew the 2 layers together by stitching in the ditch along the center circle aka “bottom” of the bowl all the way around, except for the zipper area.  This is the opening that will allow you to remove the stuffing insert for washing.
  • Now you’ll sew in the velcro pieces to close that opening in the inside.  Going through the zipper opening, sew one velcro tab to seam allowance of the wood.  The other velcro tab is sewn to the seam allowance of the bark.  Make sure you sew it so that the velcro tabs can stick together.

Velcro closure

Sew Center Stuffing Cover

  • Place the 2 lining fabric circles together.  Serge the circle leaving 6″ opening.

Center Stuffing

  • Stuff it with dog bed stuffing material.
  • Serge opening closed.

Center Stuffing next to Waffle

Sew Side Stuffing Cover

  • Place the 2 rectangles lining fabric sides together.  Serge all the way around, leaving a 6″ opening to stuff it.  I leaving section in the middle open for stuffing. This way you can get to both sides instead of stuffing a long tube.
  • Stuff.
  • Serge opening closed.

Side Stuffing


  • Stuff bottom into cover. Close Velcro.
  • Stuff sides into cover.  Zip up.



Congrats you have a woodland bed for your pup.

(Or in my case a stumpy bed for a stumpy pup.)

Hey! Who are you calling stumpy?

Hey! Who are you calling stumpy?



Bonus content: Uses for your wood grain scraps

  • Roll pillows that would look like fire wood logs.
  • Round throw pillows that would look like sawed pieces of wood.
  • Draft dodger that look like a long branch.



Happy Dog Bed Sewing,
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