Simplicity 1540: High Fashion or Hi-larious

Simplicity 1540 Front

High Fashion or Hi-larious?

I’m not really sure about this coat.  My IRL sewing friend and coat sewing phenom (seriously all her coats are gorgeous) Caroline thinks it’s reminiscence of early Vivienne Westwood.  I think it’s a bit much with the print AND the colors AND the collar.  Some days I feel like a clown wearing it.  On the other hand, it’s so super comfy that I’ve been wearing so often I think I need another… in a solid.. obviously.   The collar feels like a cozy built in scarf.  I think I need to speak to a sewing therapist about this.  What?  There’s no such thing?!!


Some Words of Advice from a non-qualified Sewing Therapist

Well, I figured since no one was doing this sewing therapist gig, I’d give it a try.

  • Advice #1:  Collar Orientation:  The ruffle collar is taller on one side than the other.  The instructions have you putting the shorter side up and longer side down.  It definitely looked clownish.  I turned it upside down, longer side up, and it looked a bit more high fashion.

Simplicity 1540 Close Up


  • Advice #2:  Hand Sew Ruffle.  Sounds like more work but you’re dealing with 4 layers of fleece and there’s little to guide you to get the center of the ruffles right on the edge of the neckline.  I was 100% sure I would end up angrily unpicking fleece and cursing.  I stitched the back of the ruffle to the front of the neckline so there was no guessing.Simplicity 1540 Hand Stitch Ruffle


  • Advice 3:  Check the sleeve length.  It’s too short for what I would call sorta stumpy arms.  The long sleeve shirt I’m wearing underneath is about 2″ longer.  I could have unpicked the cuff and cut a longer cuff but I thought it would look weird and it would involve the unpicking and swearing I was trying to avoid in Advice #1.  Not sure what terrible pose I was trying in this pic but it works great for demonstrating the too short sleeves.Simplicity 1540 Sleeves Too Short

  •  Advice #4:  Print Match the Lazy Way.  If I didn’t pick a print, this coat would have been super easy.  Since I had a feeling that the coat would end up not that great, I decided to do lazy print matching.  First you cut out one of the pattern pieces from your fashion fabric.  Fold up the seam allowance that you’re trying to match and pin.  Laid it down on the fabric where the print would be continuous and put down the next piece matching the seam lines and cut. Lazy Print Matching


Simplicity 1540 Print Matching

Look at this print matching.

  • Advice #5:  Skip the Print.  In this style I think a solid or a small pattern would look better.  It would also be much speedier.

Well, how did I do?  Do I have a future dispensing sewing advice?  Probably not but that was fun for a moment.

Link to my pattern review.

Happy sewing,

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