Strawberry Wrist Pincushion – Free Pattern

It’s a Slap Wrap Pin Cushion!!

Strawberry wrist pincushion 2

Optional needle holder leaf is not shown. That comes later.


I’ve been meaning to make myself a wrist pin cushion for a long time.  I decided to make the pincushion into a strawberry as a nod to dangling strawberry on those ubiquitous tomato pincushions.  Unlike the tomato pincushion, this strawberry would be life size.  Since there’s numerous strawberry stands and farms in my town and I live near the “Strawberry Capital of the World,” it just seemed fitting.  The pattern and construction took me a bit of fiddling around to get it just right.  Since I’ve already went through the trouble, I wanted to share it with everyone.  Who doesn’t need a strawberry pincushion?





 Gather your materials

  • 6″ x 5″ red cotton fabric with white polka dots.
  • 10″ x 6″ green wool felt
  • Poly fill stuffing
  • Metal from a slap wrap bracelet.  I got mine from a vending machine at the pizza place for $0.75.  It was very easy to cut around the edges and remove the metal inside.Slap Wrap
  • Download the pattern here.


Construction Steps

  1.  Cut out your pieces.

    Cut Fabric

  2. Fold the red polka dotted fabric in half on the dotted line.  Sew along the dashed line shown on the pattern.  You will have something that looks like a strawberry cone.  Trim away the excess at the tip.  Turn the cone right side out.Sew Strawberry
  3. Pin the strawberry cone to one of the green felt wrap cover matching the circles.  The strawberry cone should be slightly on the diagonal.  Use the pin to hold the layers together and stitch approximately a 1/2″ circle around the pin.  You will have to push back the extra fabric while you do it. Sew Strawberry onto Wrap Cover
  4. Prepare to sew the cover by laying the pieces down in this order:  Green felt cover, metal slap wrap with the curve facing up, green felt cover with the strawberry cone sewn on it. Assemble Layers
  5. Baste both the green felt covers to the metal slap wrap using a glue stick.  Smooth out any lumps and ensure good contact by rubbing it with your fingers.  Glue Baste
  6. Roll the strawberry cone up and pin it so it’s out of the way.  Draw the outside of the metal slap wrap using chalk.  You can feel the edge of the metal with your finger.Trace Wrap
  7. Using a zipper foot stitch around the cover using your chalk line for reference.Sew Cover
  8. Trim off the excess.  You can either cut a straight or decorative edge.  I decided on a scalloped edge.  I used a paper scissor and muscled my way through the layers.  It was tough and a little messy but worth the effort. Trim off excess
  9. Unpin the strawberry cone.  Run a gathering stitch around the opening.  Stuff the strawberry with polyfil firmly.
  10. Gather and StuffPull the gathering threads to close the opening.  Stitch to secure. Sew close
  11. Attached the stem to the cap by pulling the stem edges through the slit in the cap and stitch to secure. Stem to cap
  12. Pin the cap to the top of the strawberry.  Stitch to attach. Sew cap on
  13. You’re done.  Put in pins and enjoy.Strawberry wrist pin cushionStrawberry wrist pincushion 2

Optional Needle Holder

Like any good pattern maker, I tested the pincushion after I finished it.  I started putting needles into the cushion and proceeded to loose these needles IN the cushion.  So I decided to add a leaf needle holder.

  1. Cut out the optional strawberry leaf out of the green felt.  The pattern has smooth edges.  To make the jagged edges snip using the tip of your scissors.  Make the edges jagged half way down the leaf.Strawberry leaf
  2. Stitch the leaf onto the wrap cover.  Stitch down each of the 3 leaf lobes.  This step is easier if you close up the slap wrap.Stitch on leafCongratulations.  You now have a needle holder.  Make sure when you put your needles on the leaf that sharp end points into the middle of the leaf.Strawberry wrist pincushion with needle holderStrawberry wrist pincushion with needle holder 2


Put in some pins and needles and you’re all set.   I hope you give this pattern a try.  If you do feel free to e-mail me with questions and finished pics.

Strawberry wrist pincushion in use

Happy pin cushion sewing,

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19 Responses to Strawberry Wrist Pincushion – Free Pattern

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  2. Julianne says:

    Aren’t you glad slap bracelets are around again? I feel like they disappeared between 1993-2009. Dark days!

    “Strawberry Capital of the World” reminds me of a stripper named Ana I knew about 10 years ago in New Orleans. I’ll tell you the story next time I see you.

    I have not tried a wrist pincushion as an adult, but now I’m thinking about my favorite fruits. I generally just keep a bowl of pins nearby. Do you use yours all the time, or for certain projects or processes?

    • Last I remembered the slap wrap was probably 1991. I didn’t know they stuck around until 2009.

      Yes, we need to get together stripper story aside.

      This is my first wrist pincushion in my entire life. I think it had to do with my new-ish sewing room. It’s so much bigger I’m moving around a lot more and my 1 pound emery pincushion isn’t mobile. I’ve weened myself off of pins but now that it’s so convenient I’ve addicted to it again. I might need to go to pin rehab.

  3. Karen says:

    You’re always coming up with something simple and brilliant! I was just lamenting losing all but one precious needle inside my pincushion. I’m going to add a felt leaf. Voila!

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  5. BeccaA says:

    What a clever idea. I had never heard of a slap wrap before. I may make a velcro close band to use instead if I get my act together to make one of these. So cute!

    • You should definitely try it. It was so easy I was kicking myself for not making one sooner. If I glued the strawberry to the wrist band with Liquid Stitch I would have been even quicker. Give it a try.

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  7. nothy says:

    How adorable! What a smart little notion too – having it on your wrist will keep the pins handy. I’ve been looking for one forever and never thought to make one. How smart.

  8. June says:

    Super cute! I use one that is just a plain magnet on a Velcro wrist strap. Yours definitely has much more style!

  9. Anne says:

    Adorable!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post that links to your tutorial here:

  10. Kyle says:

    That is really cute!

  11. Ginny says:

    Oh wow, so cute!!! I think I need to make one! But I have never heard of a slap wrap bracelet and am not sure what to look for — is it something I could buy at the craft store?

    • Thanks Ginny. I hope you do try it. Assuming you find the material, of course.

      If you remember back in the late 80s/early 90s, these are the bracelets that are straight and when you hit them on your wrist, it wraps around the wrist.

      I’ve seen them at party supply stores, dollar stores and those machines at the pizza place where you put quarters in and get a little toy in a round plastic container. They seem to be coming back as party favors. Just avoid the silicone ones. You can’t get the metal piece out of those easily. Ask me how I know.

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