I Fancied Up My Site! :)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been meaning to add tabs to my site to make the site easier to navigate.  Mainly it’s just for me when I’m searching for something on the blog and can’t find it right away.  So I’ve added 3 tabs at the top.  These are links back to existing blog posts.  There’s nothing new except you can get to things quicker.

Navigation Tabs

Solved Cases: In sticking with my detective theme, I decided to call my finish projects solved cases since each of them involve a little head scratching.

Solved Cases

Freebies: Free stuff.. patterns, tutorials etc.  Couldn’t come up with a detective-y name for this.  Any ideas?


Tool Kit:  Tips and tricks.

Happy Searching,

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9 Responses to I Fancied Up My Site! :)

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  2. Julianne says:

    You’re going to have to sew a special detective outfit next!

  3. Ms. McCall says:

    Looking good! Could the freebies be called “Case Notes – Tutorials Etc.” ?

    • I’m kinda liking Case Notes for the tips and tricks. But Tool Kit is also fitting. For the freebies what do you think about “Pro Bono Services”. Or am I taking this way too far out of bounds?

  4. Joost says:

    I’m not sure what the confusion is with making anchored links for images, vs making anchored links for text.
    I’m also not sure to what extend I can include html in this comment window, but let’s try.

    Here’s how to do an anchor text link: Jump to target

    This would create a link to an anchor named ‘target’. The link would read ‘Jump to target’.
    To create a the target anchor, place this in the page where you want to jump to:

    For an image, just replace the link text with your image tag, like this:

    I hope it helps, and that this works 😉

  5. Vanessa says:

    Nice job!

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