Comment Black Hole

Hello my 2 followers!  🙂  I was having problems with too many spam comments and added a plug-in that was suppose to keep spam out.  Turns outs it was also keeping out real comments. OMG.  WTF.

They claim that their plug-in never has false positives i.e. comments from a real human marked as spam.  Yeeeaahhh.  Riiigghhtt.

I’ve deleted the plug-in and am going back to moderating.  If you had comments eaten by the Spam Shield which is what I’m calling Comment Shield cuz it blocks comments (get it? shield/block) please give your comments a second try.  Pretty. Please.

If you’re still having issues please e-mail me know at detectivehoundstooth at gmail dot com.

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8 Responses to Comment Black Hole

  1. Jo McClendon says:

    Hi Nhi
    It was nice to meet you at the meetup Sat. I had a blast. Was glad to find folks who live in Ventura. I think I’ll try the ASG couture group in Calabasas in July or August. I have to work this Sat so I can’t go in June. It sounds like they actually sew. The last ASG event I went to they glued. Very Strange. I took 2 classes in J

  2. Raye Ann Clayton says:

    ha! Glad you have figured that out so you can avoid any snarky sewing blog scandals 🙂

  3. June says:

    Did you try Akismet? It works well for me.

  4. Never underestimate how many people follow you 😉

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