McCall’s 6083 Jumpsuit

My First Jumpsuit

Look at me! I’m on-trend. Jumpsuits are still on trend, right? Hopefully I didn’t miss it like whenever jumpsuits were in last. I really like the simplicity of getting dressed without having to match a top with a bottom. This is also why I love dresses. The jumpsuit is just more practical with the pants/shorts bottom. Though the bathroom situation is a little trickier.

McCalls 6083 Front


I made view A with an added sash. I vaguely remember all the tweaks I’ve made to the pattern. I do recall taking 4″ out of the waist.  The blousey, shirt tucked in look is really not great. On the pattern cover, the models in view A (left) and view E (middle top) look like they have super saggy side boobs.

Source: McCall's

Source: McCall’s

I also removed 1.5-2″ from length of the tube top. Instead of the skimpy, encased elastic across the top of the tube, I used a 1.5″ elastic and folded under.


I sewed the sash to the side seams and trimmed one of the ties shorter because I like to tie it sorta to the front instead of at the side.

  The Bra Situation

So the issue with the halter tie is the bra situation. Of course my friend Sandra came up with the most genius idea EVER. She suggested making a bra strap with the fashion fabric!! So I took a RTW bra that has a convertible bra strap and replaced the strap. Self Fabric Halter BraI made the strap a bit too thick but I think it’s passable.

McCalls 6083 Straps

The Back View

Not the most attractive picture of the back but I felt like I had include a back view.

McCalls 6083 Back

Link to my Pattern Review.

Happy sewing,

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12 Responses to McCall’s 6083 Jumpsuit

  1. Vanessa Thomas says:

    I absolutely love this jumper!! You did your thang!

  2. Raye Ann Clayton says:

    Yay! It looks so cute! I love how the bra strap came out. Literally best idea ever, Sandra! I may even start to wear halter and spaghetti strap tops again.

  3. Kyle says:

    Excuse me, but I don’t think this qualifies for Janky July. The bra strap idea is total genius!!

  4. Betsy says:

    Looks cute! I am starting to feel the jumpsuit trend, but probably by the time I convince myself it will be over.
    Is that your vineyard in the back?

    • You have to get on it before it’s too late. This jumpsuit was super quick to make.

      Yes, that is our vineyard in the background. Did you see the avocado tree in one of the pics? There’s a baby avocado hanging next to my head.

  5. The bra strap idea is genius! Now if only I had a convertible bra….
    I have no idea if playsuits are still in, but this one is super cute. I’m not gonna lie though, if I were to make one, I’d be slapping some snaps in the crotch–I’m too klutzy to undress myself every time I needed to use the bathroom!

    • Oh snaps in the crotch. This is an idea worth exploring. Even though I still have a bra on while doing my business I feel a bit naked and weird. Maybe I can use those snaps where it’s just a metal ring on the outside so it doesn’t look too baby onesie.

  6. Accordion3 says:

    Love the bra strap idea! So clever.

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