Macaron Measuring Tape

I needed a mental break after making the clergy robe.  The macaron measuring tape idea that was floating in my head for a while was just the simple project that I needed.  I cracked open a craft book I had purchased while in France on vacation which had a cross stitch pattern for a macaron measuring tape.  After translating it, it turns out the instructions were pretty sketchy and lacking many details.  So I set off to figure it out myself.

Macaron Measuring Tape


Selecting the Measuring Tape

I ruled out measuring tapes that were too expensive, cheaply made or weren’t the circular shape I was looking for.  Beware of cheapy ones, many of them are nylon and don’t have the fiberglass to help prevent stretching.  After a bit of searching I found a German company, Haechstmass, which specialized in measuring tapes.  Sold!  I bought a few a small quantity.

Measuring TapesMaterials

  • 4” x 7” fabric
  • 6” of 3/8” grosgrain ribbon
  • Peel n Stick
  • 5” x 7” batting
  • Round measuring tape
  • Seed beads (optional)


Making the Macaron Filling

The filling only took a couple of tries to figure out.  I ended up settling on 3/8” grosgrain ribbon because it was the perfect width without too much effort, unlike the attempts with the fabric.  Grosgrain also comes in a large number of color and prints.

To make the filling:

  • Cut 5 7/8”  of 3/8” wide grosgrain ribbon.  Seal ends with liquid stitch.
  • Cut a strip of Peel n Stick ¼” wide by 5 7/8” long.  Attached the Peel n Stick strip along the middle of back side of ribbon.  Leaving the edges sticky-free allows you to sew into the ribbon a lot easier. I learned this the hard way.
  • Remove Peel n Stick backing and attached to side of measuring tape

Filling Steps


Making The Meringue

What gives the macaron’s visible cues is a flat, cylinder-like shape.  Macaron coin purses use a button form to create this shape.  Since I need the meringue to be soft in order to retract the tape measure, I couldn’t use this same technique.

To make the meringue:

  • Cut two 3” circles of meringue fabric
  • Cut six 2” circles of batting
  • Sew gathering stitch at a ¼” seam allowance by machine or by hand.
  • Gather using the measuring tape as a guide.  Pull threads to the inside.

meringue steps

  • Stuff fabric circle with batting.
  • Ladder stitch fabric circle to edge of ribbon. Repeat for other half.

meringue steps 2

Making the Meringue Feets (optional)

Though I like the macaron measuring tape at this stage, it was missing something.  It was also looking hamburger like.  (Note to self:  Future idea.. hamburger measuring tape)  One issues was that the cookie wasn’t the right 2:1 ratio to the filling.  I tried several different attempts to make the meringue part taller but couldn’t make it taller and retain the right shape.  What was also missing was that airy bottom edge of the meringue cookie called the feet.  Adding the beaded meringue feets killed two birds with one stone.

To make the meringue feet:

  • Slow method:  hand sew on Miyuki seed beads along the bottom edge of the meringue/top edge of filling.
  • Fast method:  glue on seed beads using hot glue or Jewel –It glue.  I haven’t tried this myself so test first on scraps before you ruin all your hard work.

Meringue Feet

Feet or No Feet?

So which version do you like, feet or no feet?  I love them both.  They’re so colorful and fun, I can image myself having a nice box full of these in different “flavor” combinations.

Finished macaron

Happy measuring,

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7 Responses to Macaron Measuring Tape

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  2. Stitchwiz says:

    Wonderful idea!
    I wear my measuring tape on a lanyard around my neck so that I know where it is at all times.
    This would make it much more comfortable to wear – no more banging noise when it bumps against the table when I bend over.
    Thank you!

    • You can definitely attach a ribbon loop so you can put it to a lanyard. Or some measuring tape has a ring already on it. Sometimes I even put pins across the top. But this might be dangerous for you if it’s swinging around. I hope you try it out.

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  5. Miriam says:

    These are so cute! I can see you making oreos too. Problem is I’d be hungry all the time sewing with these little guys. Love the meringue feet, adds a little bling.

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