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Detective Houndstooth is a sewing blog focused around unraveling the mysteries of sewing; hence, the detective part. No, I’m not a detective IRL, nor do I play one on TV. I am a crime show junkie and I love all sorts of activities that use my noodle.  The houndstooth part is a nod to the fabric and that I’m the proud pet parent of a basset hound.  What sewist doesn’t need piece of houndstooth fabric in her stash or a loving hound by her side?


More snoring than sniffing going on.

Phew that was a long explanation for a blog title.  Wonder if it needs this much explanation that I should even be using it…  Let me what you think in the comments.


Why a sewing blog?  Well I’m a sewing enthusiast.  For years my sewing friends have always been baffled at why I didn’t have a sewing blog.  Every other sewist in the world seemed to had one.  My only online presence was on Pattern Review which I used extensively as you can tell by my many reviews.  I’m just 3 reviews shy from #100!  Sewing has been a hobby that has stayed with me for decades while other hobbies came and went.  Read more about my humble sewing beginnings on the About page.

My sewing queue is fuller than ever.  I’m still learning more and more every day.  This blog is just another adventure in sewing and sleuthing.  I have lots of fun blog posts and unconventional ideas in the works.  I hope you decide to come help solve some sewing mysteries with me.  I need all the help and support I can get.  Over on the right sidebar you can subscribe to this blog by e-mail, follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and bloglovin’.  If my IT prowess has failed there’s always good o’ e-mail  d e t e c t i v e h o u n d s t o o t h @ g m a i l . c o m

 Thanks & happy sewing,Signature small

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