Gift Sewing for Sewing Friends

I really like sewing gifts for others as long as I think they’re appreciated.  If the recipient doesn’t care of the item is from Walmart, why would I waste my time and effort when I can be doing more selfish sewing.  I know I’ll appreciate my sewing gifts to myself.  hehe

IRL Sewing Friends

I’m really lucky to some great IRL sewing friends.  I know my sewing friends certainly appreciate handmade items so I take the opportunity to sew them items when I have the time and occasion.  Awhile back I had two occasions to make gifts.   I’m blogging about them now because I had to keep the gifts a surprise.

Occasion #1: New Born Baby

For my friend, Raye Ann, who just had her little boy, I made him a baby bedtime bag.  This is a PDF pattern from Running-w-Scissors.  It’s swaddles the baby and has a zipper at the bottom for easy changing.  I had a hard time finding boy knit in the quality and weight that I wanted, so I went to the Goodwill and bought some large t-shirts for $2.  I picked a really cute dog t-shirt.  The weight was really nice.  I was able to reuse the ribbing from the t-shirt neck and the ribbing already matches.

Goodwill T-shirt

Would have been nice if I noticed the lettering on the shirt.  It’s a t-shirt from a local high school.  FBLA is their Future Business Leaders Association.  Ooops.  I was able to cut off the high school name but couldn’t avoid the FBLA.

Baby Bedtime Bag Front

Double oops is when I noticed the back of the t-shirt had the names of the students in the club.  Yes, I’ll deal with it. LOL

Baby Bedtime Bag Back

One of modification I made was to move the snaps to the left side.  I did this to avoid the dog image.

Baby Bedtime Bag Snaps

The other slight modification I did was to use an invisible zipper.  I already had the red zipper in my stash.  I like the way it looked and I’m hoping it’s easier to spot when changing the baby.

Baby Bedtime Bag Changing Access

The pattern came with a free leggings pattern so I whipped one up from remnants from my pajama jeans.  The topstitching is pretty horrid.  I was just climbing out of my sewing no-jo so it was an effort to just get something done before it wouldn’t fit on the baby anymore.


Occasion #2: TBD

I’m going to have to wait to blog about this gift at a later date.  I haven’t given the gift yet so I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  More to come…

Happy gift sewing,

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9 Responses to Gift Sewing for Sewing Friends

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  2. Raye Ann Clayton says:

    We love the gifts! Seriously, readers, they were both even cuter in person!! I am going to change my go to baby sleep sack pattern to include the neck opening, zipper location, and upcycled t from this design.

  3. Ms. McCall says:

    Awww, so cute – I like all the details from the original t-shirt. It works because it’s so nicely made. I’ll have to learn the secret of the snaps, and get over my fear of making baby clothes!

  4. Accordion3 says:

    I also sew only for those who truly appreciate the time and creativity involved.
    Interestingly the people I won’t sew for are often relatives who I don’t have a lot of time for…

  5. caroline says:

    That’s such a clever idea – I love the dog pic. Nice work! I will have to learn the secrets of the Pajama Jean when I am back in California.

    • No big secret. Pajama jeans are made from knit that looks like denim. Sorta like jegging fabric but stretchier. I use a yoga pant pattern and add touches that make them look like jeans like pockets, topstitching and a fake fly. When are you coming back?

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