Last Minute Gift Sewing: Flower Scarf

Flower Scarf

Anyone else sewing last minute gifts?  It seems like I only find time to sew gifts is in the middle of the night, when the fabric store is closed and I can barely focus.  So I went rummaging through my stash and my cluttered mind for something easy to make with supplies I have on hand.  I decided on this flower scarf which I had seen in a pattern and in RTW.




Drafting the pattern

Drafting the flower pattern was a little bit of a mystery.  I tried 2 other drafts using math, angles and other confusing things.  My mind just doesn’t work well with numbers late at night.  Drawing it on paper made everything really clear.  To draft the pattern you start with four squares that are 3” by 3”.  Then you draw four 3” circles.  After that you draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner.  Then you draw four more circles along the diagonal.  Lastly you draw 2 more lines from the center to where the outer most point where the circles overlap to make your stitching templates.  See red outline below. Drafting PatternThe 8 circles will be the final size of your flower.  If you want it larger or smaller you adjust the size of the square and circle.  If you like it as I’ve drafted it, you’re in luck.  You can just download my pattern.

Flower Scarf Letter download button

Flower Scarf A5 download button

Cutting the pattern

The pattern is just a circle.  Each flower takes 8 circles.  The pattern takes 10 flowers to make a 48” scarf.  I made 9 flowers because that’s all the fabric I had.  I used what should have been the sleeves of my Victory Pattern Lola dress had I bought enough fabric.  The fabric was just too beautiful to waste and is the perfect fabric for this scarf.  To eek out enough circles, I chalked the circle pattern nesting them like biscuits and cut them using scissors.  I have a circle cutter but the fabric was too soft and didn’t stay in place as I was cutting.


 Slow sewing the flower method

Step 1:  Place 2 circles wrong sides together and sew together using the edge of stitching template 1 as a guide.

Step 2:  Open up the 2 circles and fold the top flap to the left side.  Place another circle piece underneath, again wrong sides together.  Use stitching guide 2 and sew along the edge of the template.

Step 3:  Repeat step 2 for the rest of the 5 circles for 8 circles total.  You’ll sew circle #1 to circle #8 to complete the flower.

StitchingFinished flower

Speed sewing method

For those who want to sew quicker you can sew like the factories and sew pieces continuously.  By that I mean that you sew one piece after another without taking it out of the machine.  This way you save time and thread.

Step 1: same as Slow Sewing step 1 above.  But instead of taking the piece off the machine, you leave a tiny bit of thread in between and sewing circle #1 to #2 for all ten of the flowers.  Clip the threads tails.

Speed sewing 1

Step 2: same as Slow Sewing step 2.  Again you leave a small piece of thread and sew circle #2 and circle #3 for all ten of the flowers.

Step 3:  repeat sewing circle #3 to #4 x 10, #4 to #5 x 10 etc until you get all 8 circles sewn.  You will need to leave more thread between the sets as the flowers get bigger.

Serious ProductionFinished flowers

Sewing the scarf

The last step is to sew the 10 flowers together to make the scarf.  To do this, place flowers wrong (flat) side together and sew across the outer corner of one of the petals.

Sew flowers together

You can sew these end to end or staggered like I did.

StaggeredAs I’m writing these instructions it seems more complicated than it really is.  You’re cutting a bunch of circles and sewing them together.  It’s pretty mindless as long as you keep the sets of flower pieces organized.  You can make it more complicated by having the flowers in different fabrics or having different fabrics within a flower.  Make it more complicated at your own risk.  I’ll just stick with one fabric.

Now, how do I tie this thing?

Now, how do I tie this thing?

 Happy (holiday) sewing,

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18 Responses to Last Minute Gift Sewing: Flower Scarf

  1. This is such a cute idea! Too bad it’s a little late this year for christmas gifts! I’m linking to this tutorial in my newsletter this week because I’m sure that my readers will like it! Thank you for sharing it! 🙂 Lisa

  2. Irene_LI says:

    Thank you so much. Just found your blog through PatternReview and started reading backwards. Your tutorials are clear and logical, and the writing style and sense of humor are wonderful.

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  7. Linda says:

    I really want to make this scarf. Looks easy to put together. Thank you for this pattern. Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays.

  8. M. Inez says:

    This is so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Karen Slater says:

    This is wonderful. I am going to my stash to see what might work to follow your instructions for the beautiful scarf you have made.

  10. Karen Slater says:

    This is wonderful. I love your scarf and can’t wait to go look in my stash to see what will work for this genius scarf.

  11. June says:

    Great tutorial, and the color is perfect for the holidays. Maybe you could even sew the ends together and make an infinity scarf, no worries about tying then!

  12. Jane says:

    Thank you! I love things like this, but always need someone to show me how it’s done. You are a good teacher.

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