Detective Houndstooth Sewing Pattern Launch

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Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging lately. My insecure blogger-self hopes that you did. I’ve been locked up in my sewing room working on a super top secret sewing project. I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m jumping on yet another bandwagon and launching a sewing pattern line.  It’s named after my blog, Detective Houndstooth.

Det HT Sewing Pattern Banner

Mysterious Sewing Patterns

As you can see by my tagline, I’m creating a line of mysterious sewing patterns. I will be adding tons of fun puzzles and mysterious for  you to solve because sewing up a pattern isn’t enough of a challenge.

1) Ease: I won’t spell out the ease. You have to guess what it is by measuring the pattern pieces and subtracting the body measurement. I’ll keep you guessing by throwing in negative ease on a woven garment. You won’t know if it’s too big or too small until you’re trying on the garment. I can hear the laughter now.

2) Instructions: The instructions will be filled with fun puzzles. The steps will be out of sequence and once in a while I’ll leave out a step.  You fill in the blank. What fun!

3) Pattern PDF: I will be only selling PDFs. The PDFs will be printed on no less than 70 pages.  Pattern pieces will be put across as many sheets as possible for maximum mystery. Keep your eyes out on those itty bitty slivers of a pattern piece corner.


Upcoming Patterns

Due to the huge success of my free patterns which has made me a whopping -$52 (it’s a long story) I’m making the most downloaded ones into patterns. First up is a dress based on my very popular stacking ring pattern. The rings are easy to fit and hides a number of body issues. Separate rings are a great color blocking opportunity.

Det HT Stacking Ring Dress

My second pattern will be a hat based on my macaron measuring tape. Macarons are all the rage in foodie world. Now you, too, can be on the bleeding edge of fashion with this hat.  The retractable measuring tape can also double as a chin strap. Never lose your hat in the wind again.

Det HT Macaron Hat

The third pattern that I’ll be launching is in the functional fashion category, a lobster bib based off my of reuseable bag tutorial. This lobster bib folds up and can nicely fit in your purse. You’ll never be caught without one if you’re ever at a surprise lobster dinner. What? That doesn’t happen to you once a month? The roomy bag will catch all your spills with room to spare. *No lobsters were harmed in the making of this pattern.*

Det HT Lobster Bib

Testers Needed

Of course I won’t dare release a pattern without testing it out first. So if anyone wants to be baffled and befuddled by a sewing pattern, please let me know in the comments. You will need to give me feedback within 2 days of getting the pattern. It is mandatory that you participate in the blog hop and write reviews on 4 different sites.  You are highly encouraged to write only nice things. Any negative comments will be blamed on user error and dismissed immediately.

Don’t forget to sign up in the comments of this post.  So who’s in?

Happy mystery sewing,

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21 Responses to Detective Houndstooth Sewing Pattern Launch

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  2. Mads says:

    LOLOL!! This post and the hilarious photos made my day.

  3. LindaC says:

    This is hysterical. Thanks for the smiles. Is it wrong that I want a macaron hat? 😉

  4. Caroline says:

    You are so damn funny! This is the best April Fool’s prank I saw this year. And a very astute commentary on certain indie pattern companies too ;-).

  5. aleah says:

    Nhi, this is amazing!! Can I just say that maybe my favorite thing about your totally fantastic photoshops is that your shoes match the rings dress. Actually, just everything about the ring dress is awesome. Count me in the blog hop 🙂

  6. BeccaA says:

    These patterns sound great. I can’t wait to fill in the blanks and tape all that paper together. ROTFL–great post!

  7. Kyle says:

    I am *howling* with laughter! Quite clever, Det. Houndstooth!!

  8. nothy lane says:

    This is the best blog post I’ve read this year! SO funny…

  9. Hi Nhi,
    We met at PR San Francisco a few years ago! I finally got my act together and started a blog. I wouldn’t mind testing. Will you be at PR LA? If so, looking forward to seeing you again there!

  10. Kimber says:

    Love today’s post! ROTFL!

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