Burda Swim Cover Up

Caftan Dress Turned Swim Cover Up

Burda Caftan Dress 06-2011 119B Front

This swim cover up is actually a caftan dress pattern from Burda’s June 2011 issue, pattern #119B. I really loved the billowy sleeves and the flowy side slits. I couldn’t imagine wearing this deep of a V neck as a dress. It was perfect for a swim cover-up which is maybe what they had intended as the model has a bikini top underneath.


Source: BurdaStyle.com


I took up the dress bodice length by 5 3/4″ and 1″+ in the width. I also took the sleeves front and back in by 4″ in the length and the width each.  I like the 3/4 sleeve better on me and it works better as a swim cover up.  Even after making the pattern much smaller, this pattern is still a fabric hog or stash buster, however you want to view it. I left out the sleeve ties because I was too lazy to make them. I also took out the back center seam which will only work if you have enough fabric width to go from sleeve hem to sleeve hem.

Burda Caftan Dress 06-2011 119B Back

Photography in The Sun

I don’t usually take pictures in noontime sun but I didn’t think to take photos until after lunch. The sun cast all sorts of horrible shadows on my face and on the garment. And it was hot; so hot the hound couldn’t stand it and headed inside.

Waffle Gives Up

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  1. accordion3 says:

    I love how the sunglasses and shadows make you look mysterious! Lovely cover up too.

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