Impending Bra Doom!  Eek!!

About 2 years ago I made my first bra.  It was the Pin-Up Girls Anita foam cup bra.  Even then I knew that I needed a dozen more to replace my aging RTW bras.  I use to buy bras at the Victoria Secret during their Semi-Annual Sale.  When I say “buy” it was more like binge buying.  I hate shopping so I just stocked up; buying up any bras that were my size and style just so I wouldn’t need to shop again for a long time.  Now another 2 years later (that’s 4 years for those counting) all of my bras are on their last leg… all at the same time.  Binge buying bites me in the butt.


The Search for Bra Do-dads

My first bra I didn’t wear that much until recently when bras where dying left and right and I had no choice.  They didn’t fit right and I hated the foam cup that was designed for the pattern.  I still love foam cup bras like the Victoria Secret T-shirt bras so I decided to give the Pin-Up Girls Anita and Amanda foam cup patterns another try.  I slowly started amassing bra do-dads.  I picked up components from random places in the LA garment district, the swap meet, on-line and from other sewists’ stashes.  Finding the right foam cups and getting all the components in coordinating colors was a huge challenge.  I know some sewists dye but it’s too messy for me.  So I ended up picking fabric that have multiple colors i.e. multiple matching opportunities.  This really worked for me and relieved me of the stress of trying to match everything.


Let the Binge Sewing Begin

First up: black knit with white and yellow large polka dots.  The fabric was leftovers from this maxi dress.  I love using up scraps.  I was able to use white powernet since I covered it with the polka dot fabric.  For straps I used pre-made white and yellow straps.  The underwire channel is beige but who cares.  No one will see it.  I was making myself crazy looking for matching components when it was so unnecessary.  This is the bra on invisible me.  It has the nice clean lines of a t-shirt bra.  *I’m not sure who to credit invisible bra person to.  I think it was either Sandra from Brown Paper Pattern or Kathy from Kathy Sews.  It was brilliant.*

Black Polka Dot Bra

Forgot to mention that I put a dart in the fabric because my fabric didn’t have enough stretch.  Since the dart is under the bust I don’t see it under my clothes.

Pin-Up Girls Amanda Black Polka Dot

Next up: White fabric with tiny black polka dots.  I bought a small bit of this fabric for a dalmatian plush puppy.  I ended up not using it when I found this perfect dalmatian fabric.

Dalmatian Palm Puppy

Back to the bra… I had bought a very small amount of the now unused white dotted fabric, so it’s been sitting in my scraps pile.  Since bras don’t take that much fabric, it was perfect.  I used self fabric for the straps with a small length of pre-made straps in the back for adjust-ability.  I had black picot elastic so I trimmed the cups and straps.

Pin-Up Girls Amanda White Polka Dot

And finally:  green lace with beige and white flowers.  The lace was left over from my lace undies sewing binge.  I bought the lace in the LA Garment district.  The straps are fold-over elastic with some nice (read: not that stiff, thick stuff from JoAnns) clear elastic in between.  I stitched the layers together using a long swiggle stitch.  Since matching the lace pattern wastes a lot of lace I wasn’t able to make a lacy strap or to cover the back band with lace.

Pin-Up Girls Anita Floral Lace

Bra-mageddon Adverted

I think I’ve delayed Bra-megeddon for a little bit.  I still have lots more bra sewing to do.  Since I’ve tweaked this pattern to my liking, I’m planning to just sew up an arm load.  I hadn’t notice how awfully cheap my VS ones were.  The fabric is glued to the cups.  The bands are filmsy fabric.  The fit wasn’t quite right.  So needless to say, I’m very happy with these me-made bras.

Link to my pattern review.

Happy Bra Sewing,

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19 Responses to Bra-mageddon

  1. Mary M says:

    Hi, I love your bras, they look like they fit vey well. What foam cup did you use for them? BTW great blog too!

    • Thanks Mary. I did see your question on PR. I’ve been looking for where I found them because I shop all over the place. The foam cups are from an Etsy shop called fashionplate. They have a bit more “push up” than I had wanted but they’re the only ones that I’ve found in an A cup and not lightweight/soft. The Bra Makers foam is lightweight/soft and just didn’t work for me.

  2. Ms. McCall says:

    Nicely done! What foam have these got in them? Did I miss that part? They look fantastic – you should take more of my stash off my hands!

    • Thanks. They’re foam cups. As you know I’ve been on the haunt for the perfect ones. These aren’t quite what I wanted but they’re a step up from my RTW ones. I think I’ve already taken plenty off your hands.

  3. Ginny says:

    Such cool bras! Beautifully sewn. I also love using up scraps to sew bras & undies — makes me feel environmentally conscientious, frugal and smug all at once, plus I get new undies :D!

  4. Betsy says:

    these look really great! you did an awesome job! I feel like the only person who hasn’t made a bra yet (well at least not since my first internship for college at Wonderbra). You are totally right though- it’s the notions that make the difference. Getting all the colors right can drive a gal to drink.
    I’m with you on the binge buying. Desperately in need of some new ones but nothing like lots of layers accessorized by snowboots to go and try on new ones.

  5. Raye Ann Clayton says:

    Great job! They look fantastic. You’ve got the stash to binge sew them now!!

  6. Great job! They’re beautiful! I too binge buy bras as much as I can afford at one time (which isn’t many, the larger cup sizes never seem to go on sale!) Yours turned out fantastic! I usually can’t wear moulded cups, but I’ve been eyeing the MakeBra pattern after it was blogged about by both Carolyn and the Clothing Engineer…it’s a seamed moulded cup, which intrigues me.

    • I’ve tried the MakeBra DL01 and didn’t have luck with it. I think part of my problem is that I cheaped out and bought the Sew Sassy version of the foam sheet. It was just too soft and floppy for me. If you want to pay the shipping I’ll mail you some. E-mail me.

  7. June says:

    Great foam cup bras! I have yet to take the plunge but admire from afar. I’m with you on the binge buying, I do that, too.

  8. Kyle says:

    WOW!!!! Your bras look SO professional and SO RTW!!!

  9. Accordion3 says:

    These are amazing! I’m also working on making a bra. Mine will be very plain…

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