2014 Blog Calendar

Happy New Year's Eve

Since I’m new to the world of sewing blogs, I don’t have much to recap for 2013.  So I’m moving onto 2014.  In my day job, we plan out over a year in advance so there’s no surprises and everyone stays on ahead of the next deadline(s). When I decided to start this blog, I wanted to plan ahead to stay relevant and be able to work ahead when my schedule allowed, instead of rushing to write at the 11th hour.

How I created my blog calendar

I made my calendar in Excel but Outlook is another great option.  I like Excel because it’s lets me create an electronic list instead of chicken scratch in a notebook that I’ll surely lose.  I set my goal of trying to blog weekly so the dates on the left are week starting dates.  I put in key US holidays, national sewing month, as well as, personal dates like my blog-aversary or Waffle’s birthday (it’s on April Fools) as thought starters.  Over to the right I have a long list of blog ideas.  These are blurred out because… well.. some are just embarrassingly bad ideas.  When I match up my blog ideas with relevant dates, I move it over to the left.  I also have a back-up reminder on the calendar so I make sure my site is backed-up on a regular basis.

2014 Blog Calendar

2014 Calendar Download

If you want to see my redacted 2014 calendar, click below to download it.  Feel free to use it as a template to create your own blogging calendar.  I hope everyone has a warm and safe New Year’s celebration tonight.

2014 Blog Calendar download button

 Happy 2014 everyone!

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